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Professional and Prompt

Anna Julia

It was a pleasure working with Pamela Hartman. The whole process of applying for a Green Card takes a long time and it helps a lot when you are fortunate enough to work with someone professional like Pamela. Although I used to live in a completely different time zone I always received answers to my questions within the very same day. I am so happy and grateful that everything worked out and I can only recommend working with Pamela Hartman!

Anna Julia Kapfelsperger, Actress

Approved for Asylum

I am from Iraq. I hired Pamela Hartman to represent me in my asylum case. She was awesome. She was honest with me and she advised me to do everything the right way. I felt at ease with her and was very satisfied. I want to recommend anyone or any Iraqi people to hire her because she’s an honest person. I am thankful to her and James, her assistant.


Great Support!


It was great working with Pamela Hartman. She often pushed me to hand in more paperwork, when necessary. I would have not been so precise just on my own. Thanks for working so hard for me to get the green card.

Michael Wigge, Writer and Filmmaker

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